Discover the Potential of Plasma Simulation with Esgee Technologies

Esgee Technologies is a leading provider in non-equilibrium and thermal plasma simulation solutions. Our team is dedicated to making reliable, scalable plasma simulation accessible for solving real-world, industrial problems. Together, we can help you overcome your biggest technical challenges through high fidelity multiphysics simulation.

Comprehensive plasma simulation

The OverViz Simulation Suite is unmatched in providing comprehensive simulation capabilities for plasma applications. Proven capabilities encompass:

The OverViz Suite provides self-consistent fluid plasma modeling, kinetic PIC/DSMC particle modeling, and hybrid fluid-particle plasma modeling options to support a wide range of industrial customer applications. Applications include semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, electrical, industrial, thin film, solar cell fabrication, flat panel displays, and oil/gas.

Legacy of plasma-centric development

Our tool suite is built on a heritage of 15+ years of plasma-centric simulation development. Rather than adding plasma to a pre-existing multiphysics framework, we built our multi-physics framework around our core plasma modeling capabilities. This allows us to provide robust solutions specifically targeting plasma applications. It has allowed us to simplify and streamline the setup process for plasma simulation. This is accomplished through an easy-to-use graphical interface with a workflow designed around the needs for plasma simulation and our comprehensive library of plasma chemistries. This makes simulation setup fast and easy.

Scalable simulation for industrial problems

Our parallel computing capability for HPC clusters enables simulation of large 2D/3D models best suited for complex, industrial problems. Our tools have demonstrated strong scalability for models with 10M+ cells on hundreds of cores. This is essential to performing complex plasma simulations on real-world engineering geometries.

Robust solver technologies

VizGlow’s unique solver technology has a demonstrated ability to provide accurate solutions over an extremely wide pressure range. Example applications encompass an inductively coupled plasma reactor at 1 mTorr as well as a high-pressure streamer at 20+ atm, all with a single solver.

Dedicated customer support

We understand that plasma simulation is challenging. Our approach to technical support is dedicated to helping customers use our tools efficiently and effectively. All licensed customers receive direct access to our simulation software experts. We’re available to answer questions, review model inputs, interpret results, and help however is needed. Training and an annual customer-site visit are also provided with licensing.

We work very closely with customers to understand their problems and challenges, which directly motivate our software development road map. We are constantly evolving our tools to meet specific customer needs.

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