VizGrain is modeling tool within the OverViz Simulation Suite for rarefied gas flows, macro-particle (e.g. dust) dynamics and hybrid plasma simulations.



  • 1D, 2D (planar / axisymmetric) and 3D problems
  • Multiple particle types (e.g. multiple species)
  • Particle force models: electromagnetic Lorentz force, gravitational force, aerodynamic drag
  • Particle chargeup models
  • Particle-in-cell (PIC) modeling
  • Particle collisions: direct-simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) approach, Monte Carlo collision (MCC) approach
  • Coupling to VizGlow™ (hybrid plasma simulations, prediction of complex ion energy and angular distribution functions on processing surfaces)
  • Hybrid unstructured mixed mesh formulation
  • Parallel computing


    Fulfilling the Need for Plasma Experts
    Fulfilling the Need for Plasma Experts

    The Fourth State; The First Priority With renewed investment in the semiconductor industry by both the American government and private investors, opportunities for the next generation of American engineers are set to soar as the United States...

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    Clearing the Dust with VizGrain
    Clearing the Dust with VizGrain

    In the fight against airborne particulates, semiconductor manufacturers face the unrelenting threat of contamination within their labs and facilities. Airflow, microfiltration, air ionization, air pressure, humidity controls, polymer toolsets,...

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