VizEM software tool is used for large-scale multi-dimensional electromagnetics modeling and simulation. It can be used either as standalone or coupled to other simulation tools such as VizGlow and VizSpark.

VizEM Features:

  • Both Time-Domain (TD) and Frequency-Domain (FD) allows great flexibility in modeling (e.g. TD for capacitively coupled plasmas and FD for inductively coupled, microwave plasmas, etc.)
  • Different types of wave excitation mechanisms available, e.g. waveguides, inductive coils, capacitive circuits, striplines and microstrips
  • Transverse Electric (TE), Transverse Magnetic (TM) or combined (TE + TM) as well as full 3D (non-polarized) solutions can be obtained
  • Robust representation of complex EM Wave + Plasma phenomena such as surface waves, resonances etc.
  • Robust numerical solvers that allow modeling of very wide range of frequencies (from mHz to THz)
  • Variety of Boundary Condition Types for general and specialized modeling needs
  • Seamless integration with VizGlow and VizSpark


  • Microwave Plasmas
  • VHF and UHF CCP (where both inductive and capacitive effects are present)
  • ICP Plasmas
  • Reservoir imaging using magnetic and dielectric contrast material particles
  • Laser Heating of micro and nano-sized spheres
  • Investigations of Fundamental Wave Plasma Interactions
  • Can be applied to many other applications that deal with electromagnetic wave phenomena or materials

Download VizEM Brochure