Feb 11, 2019

Esgee Technologies Inc. is excited to announce the production release of OverViz Simulation Suite v2.3. Our latest version of industry leading plasma-fluid-electromagnetic-particle simulation software provides significant performance improvements over previous versions, along with many new features and enhancements.


OverViz 2.3 Speed-up

Users can expect significant improvements in solver run time compared to the previous version for many simulation applications. The plot above shows 3x-5x improvement for our standard CCP, ICP, and MWP examples and up to 8x for some electromagnetic simulations. Note that the performance improvement strongly depends on the application, mesh size, selected physics, chemistry, and computing hardware.

OverViz 2.3 ChemView

Esgee is excited to introduce ChemView, our new user interface for editing and visualizing chemistry mechanisms. ChemView is designed to improve user experience in working with chemical reaction mechanisms. It simplifies the process of editing, adding, and deleting reactions and their parameters. ChemView allows user to quickly enable/disable reactions, visualize and compare reaction parameters (e.g. rate coefficients), and easily export for use in plasma simulation.

OverViz combustion modeling

A new reactive flow modeling capability is now available in VizSpark. Users can simulate spark ignited combustion, with full coupling to the arc physics.

OverViz Hybrid Plasma

New hybrid plasma modeling is now available in the OverViz Suite in which any species can be freely set as fluid or particle. In the hall thruster example above, the electrons are solved as fluid and other species (Xe, Xe+, and Xe++) are solved as particles.


Below is a list of additional new features and enhancements that can be found in v2.3:

  • More robust electrostatic potential solver
  • New single-seat Unlimited Parallel (UP) licensing option
  • Enhanced Particle-in-Cell (PIC) and hybrid fluid-particle plasma modeling
  • Tecplot outputs now use TecIO binary formatting for efficient post processing
  • Monte Carlo Collision (MCC) modeling with charge exchange and fast neutral particle treatment
  • Improved coupled circuit solver in VizGlow
  • Particle boundary emission in VizGrain
  • Improved magnetized plasma solver
  • CUF support for VizGrain inflow boundaries
  • User interface simplifications and enhancements
  • VizGrain particle charge-exchange reactions
  • Nonlinear magnet model for 2D transverse electric polarization in VizGlow
  • 2D no electric polarization option for electromagnetic waves in VizGlow
  • Support IEDFs from CUP for VizGrain inflow boundaries
  • Current driven boundary condition for ICP electromagnetics
  • Ability to write EADF data to multiple transient output files in VizGlow
  • Define spatially dependent reaction rate multiplier for specified reactions in VizGlow
  • Simplified VizFlow UI panel
  • New quasineutral sheath boundary condition options
  • Improved particle parallel simulation efficiency
  • Ability to specify different statistical weights for individual species in VizGrain

OverViz v2.3 Plasma Simulation Examples

Many new and improved simulation examples were added for all OverViz physics modules.


New installers and installation instructions are available for download from the Esgee Corporate Portal. Please contact us if you have any questions, need help accessing the Portal, or are interested in learning more about v2.3.