VizSpark-thermal-plasma-simulationVizSpark is a robust, industrial simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling of thermal (arc) plasmas. As part of the OverViz Simulation Suite, it can be fully coupled with electromagnetic and fluid flow models to provide solutions to a wide range of complex multiphysics problems. VizSpark is fully parallelized and can be used to perform large, 3D simulations with complex geometries. Its robust solvers and scalability make it ideal for solving real world engineering problems.


  • 1-D, 2-D (planar/axisymmetric) and 3-D problems
  • Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (LTE) with special treatment of non-LTE at boundaries
  • Automatic generation of plasma properties
  • Coupling to electromagnetics (arc induced fields and external fields)
  • Coupling to incompressible and compressible fluid-flow (natural convection, shocks, etc.)
  • Conjugate heat transfer with arc and solid domains
  • Material ablation models
  • Moving body dynamics
  • Parallel computing


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