Jun 20, 2022

This week, IEEE begins its International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference, along with the jointly held Electrical Insulation Conference (IPMHVC/EIC) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Engineers and scientists involved in applications for power modulators and high voltage technologies will converge to share and discuss their knowledge and work over the next few days.

Esgee Technologies will be among the presenters this year, represented by Douglas Breden. Our papers, “Computational Study of Plasma Flow in Arcing Horns During a Voltage Surge” and “Numerical Simulation of Arcing During Contact Separation in SF6-Filled High Voltage Circuit Breaker” will be presented back-to-back on June 21st at 10am. These papers are part of the “Plasmas, Discharges, and Electromagnetic Phenomena” session within the conference.

Both of our papers include simulations made with VizSpark, our plasma-flow solver for thermal (arc) plasmas. These talks are our first open demonstration to the high-voltage community and insulation researchers of how thermal arcs can be modeled with high-fidelity multiphysics software. We present the three-dimensional simulation of arcing in high-voltage interrupters and the plasma-flow simulation of arcing between arcing horns.

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