Esgee to Present at VERIFI Workshop 2019 at Argonne National Lab : High-Fidelity Modeling of Spark Plug Ignition and Erosion

Jul 13, 2019

Esgee Technologies gave a talk on “High-Fidelity Modeling of Spark Plug Ignition and Erosion” at the VERIFI workshop on Ignition for Internal Combustion Engines during July 27-28, at the Argonne National Lab in Chicago, Illinois. The talk focused on recent developments for modelling spark ignition kernels using a fully coupled plasma ignition model and a modelling approach for simulating lifetime erosion of spark plugs using an arc plasma model.

Ignition kernel in cross-flow with arc channel and iso-octane fuel-air mass fraction. The arc physics and combustion ignition kinetics are solved simultaneously in a fully coupled manner.