Solar Cell Fabrication

We have a strong history of working with many of the biggest US-based solar cell manufacturers in helping them design their solar cell fabrication equipment. The problems faced by this industry are similar to the flat panel / display industry, i.e. large process equipment sizes that translate to very large simulation problem sizes and therefore are especially difficult and time-consuming to solve. Correspondingly, these problems have benefited tremendously from the large-scale parallel computing capability built into all of our multi-dimensional simulation tools. For this industry in particular, we have a record of helping with design and development of thermal evaporation sources (for CIGS thin film system) and magnetron sputter systems (interconnects and metal films).


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry applications are strongly multidisciplinary, drawing principally on our expertise in chemically reactive flows, heat transfer, and electromagnetics. Our fluid flow solver (e.g. VizFlow) is used in flow analysis for pipes, valves, and oil / gas flares. Our chemical kinetics development capability using ChemZone benefits the industry through its use in the development of combustion mechanisms of complex fuels. Our comprehensive suite of electromagnetics solvers suite a variety of applications such as remote sensing and inverse problems of interest to this industry.