Our VizData databases form the basic foundation for simulations using VizGlow, VizSpark, VizFlow, VizGrain, and ChemZone. VizData include properties for an extensive range of gases, liquids, and solids. The different types of data needed can be categorized as follows:
Thermodynamic databases:

Thermodynamic properties such as specific heat, enthalpy, Gibbs’ free energy using partition functions or standard polynomial fits

Transport databases:

Transport properties such as cross sections, mobility, diffusion coefficients, mixture specific heat, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity

Finite-rate chemical reaction databases:

Finite-rate chemical reaction databases: Reaction mechanisms for different types of reactions (electron-impact, ion-neutral, neutral-neutral), with specializations to account for pressure and/or specific discharge types (eg. Microwave vs. Direct-Current plasmas)

Surface property databases:

Data for electron emission at surfaces (secondary electron emission coefficient/field emission/thermionic emission paramters), and surface chemistry databases for plasma quenching, etching, and deposition.

Solid material databases:

Solid material property data, such as density, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity

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