Aerospace and defense applications are strongly multidisciplinary, drawing from our full suite of software capabilities as well as our expertise in non-equilibrium and thermal plasmas, chemically reactive flows, heat transfer, fluid flow, electromagnetics, and particle kinetics.

Our tools help quantify complex multiphysics phenomenologies to help guide system design and development for many aerospace and defense applications. VizFlow is used to characterize aerodynamic performance of supersonic flight vehicles through external flow simulation. Rarified hypersonic flows are simulated in VizGrain using kinetic particle approach. PIC modeling in VizGrain is used to simulate spacecraft charge-up of satellites in different space environments. VizGlow™ and VizGrain are coupled using a hybrid fluid-particle plasma simulation approach to evaluate the performance of ion thrusters and to simulate triboelectric charging of flight vehicles. VizSpark™ is used to evaluate arcjet thruster performance using thermal plasma simulation.

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