Oct 30, 2018

Esgee Technologies will be attending the 71st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference in Portland, Oregon next week, November 5 – 9.

Join Esgee Tech’s Rochan Upadhyay for his talk on “Computational Modeling and Simulation of a Resonant Plasma Source.” He’ll demonstrate how electrical resonance can be exploited to extend low temperature, unmagnetized plasma sources beyond their typical operating limits.

Esgee also supported the work being presented by Tokyo Electron America’s Peter Ventzek. He will present “Parametric Modeling and Measurements of Pulsed Source and Bias Plasmas.” This talk explores the effects of pulsed and biased plasma sources on ion energy and angular distribution functions (IEDFs) for atomic layer etching applications.

Be sure to stop by the talks and contact us at info@esgeetech.com to learn more.


Helical Resonator plasma simulation

Figure: Plasma electron number density evolution in helical resonator