ICP Reactor with Coupled Plasma, EM Wave and Gas Flow

May 20th, 2017

This application overview discusses the modeling of a flow-through Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) reactor with VizGlow and provides an example of tightly coupled multi-physics simulations with the […]

Microwave Reactor in the Frequency Domain

May 1st, 2017 3D Microwave Plasma MWP Simulation in VizGlow

This example application simulates a steady microwave field in a three-dimensional plasma reactor using in semiconductor materials processing.  The Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Wave Solver Module of […]

CCP Reactor for Semiconductor Materials Processing

May 1st, 2017 ccp-plasma-simulation-vizglow

Capacitively Coupled Plasma (CCP) discharges in parallel-plate configuration are commonly used in semiconductor and other materials processing applications.  These discharges provide a compact platform in […]

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