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Esgee Technologies Inc. develops software products for the multiphysics modeling and simulation of plasma, fluid flow, electro-magnetic, particle and chemical process systems used in a variety of industry segments.  Our products are targeted towards applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, solar cell and flat panel manufacturing, lighting and display, automotive, aerospace/defense and electrical devices such as circuit breakers and switchgears.  We also provide training and support for the use of our software products by customers.  We work with leading industrial customers worldwide to help them analyze, understand, and design complex and novel equipment, devices, and processes.



Our Products


For 3D/2D/1D modeling of non-equilibrium plasmas with multi-temperature, multi-species formulation for direct-current, capacitive, inductive, microwave, etc. discharges.


For 3D/2D/1D modeling of equilibrium thermal (arc) plasmas in spark discharges, arc lamps, plasma torches, etc.


For 3D/2D/1D modeling of rarefied-gas / hybrid-plasma / macro-particle kinetics using Lagrangian particle-based formulation.


For 3D/2D/1D modeling of fluid flow phenomena ranging from the incompressible to high-Mach number compressible flows with inviscid, viscous, and real gas descriptions.


For 3D/2D/1D modeling of electromagnetic phenomena including quasi-static (electrostatics and magnetostatics), and high-frequency (wave) description in both time-domain and frequency domain.


A easy-to-use, robust, 2D meshing tool to generate hybrid unstructured computational grids for multi-dimensional solvers.


A zero-dimensional model for extremely fast simulations of reactive flow, combustion, and plasma phenomena. Ideal for finite-rate chemical kinetics development, sensitivity analysis, and reactor/discharge optimization.


We support comprehensive databases for 1) finite-rate chemistry mechanisms in non-equilibrium systems (plasmas, combustion, etc.); 2) equilibrium chemical systems in combustion, aerodynamics, and arc plasmas

Industries Served

Aerospace / Defense

Aerospace and defense applications are strongly multidisciplinary drawing from our full suite of software capabilities as well as our expertise in non-equilibrium and thermal plasmas, chemically reactive flows, heat transfer, fluid flow, electromagnetics, and particle kinetics.

Our tools help quantify complex multi-physics phenomenologies to help guide system design and development for many aerospace and defense applications. VizFlow is used to characterize aerodynamic performance of supersonic flight vehicle through external flow simulation. Rarified hypersonic flows are simulated in VizGrain using kinetic particle approach. PIC modeling in VizGrain is used to simulate spacecraft charge-up of satellites in different space environments. VizGlow and VizGrain are coupled using a hybrid fluid-particle plasma simulation approach to evaluate the performance of ion thrusters and to simulate triboelectric charging of flight vehicles. VizSpark is used to evaluate arcjet thruster performance using thermal plasma simulation.

Click here to learn more about aerospace application in the OverViz Simulation Suite.


We have a strong legacy of supporting the semiconductor equipment and integrated-circuit (IC) manufacturing industry with our software products, databases, and consulting projects.  Several leading semiconductor manufacturers use our non-equilibrium plasma modeling tool VizGlow to help them analyze existing equipment, improve processes, and develop new equipment concepts.  IC manufacturers use our software to optimize their fabrication processes, identify/rectify process anomalies, and also design new equipment for their needs.

Our fast reactor modeling tool ChemZone has been used to rapidly explore large process parameter spaces in semiconductor manufacturing and also for the development and validation of new finite-rate chemical kinetic mechanisms process plasmas, combustion, and other gas chemical kinetics.

We have supported this industry with numerous consulting projects, software licensing and training arrangements over the years.

Click here to learn more about semiconductor applications in the OverViz Simulation Suite.

Flat Panel / Display

The flat panel / display industry uses our plasma (e.g. VizGlow), electromagnetics (e.g. VizEM) as well as fluid flow / particle modeling (e.g. VizFlow and VizGrain)  software.  Industrial clients in this domain have worked with us through software licensing and consulting projects to help them analyze existing equipment design, improve processes (e.g. process uniformity, throughput, film quality, etc.), and develop new equipment concepts.  The large equipment sizes, e.g. for Generation 10 panels, are especially difficult to design and computational modeling/simulations can play a particularly important role in the development of these systems.  The large process equipment sizes translate to large-scale simulation problem sizes and therefore especially difficult and time-consuming to model.  Such problems have benefited tremendously from the large-scale parallel computing capability built into all of our multi-dimensional simulation tools.

Solar Cell Fabrication

We have a strong history of working with many of the biggest US solar cell manufacturers in helping them design their solar cell fabrication equipment.  The manufacturing problems faced by this industry are similar to the flat panel / display industry, i.e. large process equipment sizes that translate to very large simulation problem sizes and therefore especially difficult and time-consuming to solve.  Correspondingly, these problems have benefited tremendously from the large-scale parallel computing capability built into all of our multi-dimensional simulation tools.  For this industry in particular, we have strong background in the helping with the design and development of thermal evaporation sources (for CIGS thin film system) and magnetron sputter systems (e.g. for interconnects and metal films).


The automotive industry benefits from our expertise in non-equilibrium plasmas, thermal (arc) plasmas, electromagnetics, combustion, and heat transfer.  The regulation mandated move towards low-emission, lean-combustion and smaller displacement high-pressure combustion engines has motivated the industry to rethink existing combustion strategies.  Correspondingly, combustion ignition has now emerged as a major problem for these new systems.  Our simulation tools (e.g VizGlow, VizSpark, and ChemZone) have been used in the analysis and design of existing spark-plug designs, design of next generation spark-plugs, and next generation, unconventional, plasma-combustion ignition systems.  We have worked extensively with the industry through a number of consulting projects and software licensing agreements. Click here to learn more about automotive applications in the OverViz Simulation Suite.

Electrical / Industrial

We work with electrical and other industrial manufacturers on the high-fidelity modeling/simulation of electrical circuit-breakers, electrical switch-gear, plasma welding and cutting tools, arc lamps, plasma torches for spray coating, etc.  Our simulation tool VizSpark has in particular been used to address the simulation needs for the above applications.  For example, circuit breaker problems are characterized by a strong multi-physics nature with arc physics, self-induced electromagnetic fields, high Mach number gas dynamics, heat transfer, material ablation, and moving body within the domain.  The VizSpark simulation tool is uniquely capable of addressing these problems in a robust manner with full fidelity to the actual physics occurring in the problem.

Oil / Gas

Oil and Gas industry applications are strongly multidisciplinary drawing principally on our expertise in chemically reactive flows, heat transfer, and electromagnetics.  Our  fluid flow solver (e.g. VizFlow) is used in the flow analysis through pipes, valves, and oil/gas flares. Our chemical kinetics development capability using (ChemZone) benefits the industry through its used in the development of combustion mechanisms of complex fuels.  Over comprehensive suite of electromagnetics solver benefits a variety of applications such as remote sensing and inverse problems of interest to this industry.


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