VizGlow – Plasma Modeling Software

Esgee SoftwareVizGlow is a plasma modeling software for the simulation of chemically reactive, non-equilibrium, multi-species, multi-temperature plasma discharge phenomena.  Three-dimensional, two-dimensional, and one-dimensional plasma phenomena can be addressed with a single modeling framework.  VizGlow is now the leading commercial plasma simulation software and is the outcome of over 15 years of research and development experience with plasma simulation software.

Numerous industrial customer benchmarks have shown VizGlow to be the most feature rich industrial strength plasma modeling software and therefore provides the  highest degree of fidelity to actual physics and chemistry in plasma discharges.  The modern numerical technology underlying the solvers in VizGlow make it computationally the fastest and most efficient simulation tool of its class.

VizGlow continues to be vigorously developed and validated based on  industrial customer requirements and feedback.

Why should one use VizGlow for plasma modeling and simulation ?

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Examples of plasma discharges that can be simulated with VizGlow:

  • Direct-current, inductive, capacitive, and wave-heated discharges for semiconductor chip manufactor, flat panel and solar cell fabrication
  • Atmospheric-pressure glow discharges
  • Microdischarges, Plasma Display Panels, Lighting plasmas
  • Combustion ignition (spark-plugs, nano-second pulsed, etc.)
  • Plasma aerodynamic flow actuators
  • Non-equilibrium plasmas in chemical processing

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VizGlow Application Notes: