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  Esgee Technologies will present “Simulation of Arc Quenching in Hermetically Sealed Electric Vehicle Relays” at the SAE International World Congress Experience 2018, April 10-12, at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.   Abstract High-voltage relays perform a key role in determining safety and protections of Electric Vehicles(EV)/ hybrid automotive systems. The primary function of a high voltage relay is to mechanically separate electrodes under a short circuit situation, and isolate the

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Capacitively Coupled Plasma Simulation in VizGlow

Ion energy and angular distribution functions (IEADFs) characterize the anisotropic impact behavior of ions onto wafer surfaces in cold plasma reactive ion etchers (RIE). IEADFs can be used to quantify the etching performance and guide reactor design in the semiconductor fabrication process. Reducing the angles of ion impact at the wafer surface sharpens the resolution of the etching process, enabling the production of smaller etched features. Controlling the ion energy distributions also offers control over

February 7, 2018

OverViz 2.2.1 Released

Esgee Technologies Inc. would like to announce the release of OverViz Suite v2.2.1. This release contains minor bug fixes and software maintenance updates for improved usability. New installers and installation instructions are available for download from the Esgee Corporate Portal.


When setting up a new non-equilibrium plasma simulation in VizGlow, the user must select an ion momentum model. Two available options in VizGlow are “Solve ion momentum equation” and “Use drift-diffusion approximation.” This discussion is intended to help a new user understand the differences between these options and to determine which selection is appropriate for their problem. The drift-diffusion relationships are derived from the species momentum equations and characterizes the spatial transport of particles. Drift


The semiconductor industry is one of the most competitive global markets experiencing consistent month-to-month growth with annual global sales approaching $400B. There is a strong demand for integrated circuit technologies across growing markets, such as mobile devices and automotive electronics, with fierce international competition. This is driving an innovation race for enhanced process technologies, increased automation, and reduced product development timelines, in light of increasing development and fabrication costs. A new integrated circuit design can

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