Esgee Technologies develops software products for the modeling and simulation of plasma and reactive flow systems used in a variety of industry segments. Our products are targeted towards applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, solar cell manufacturing, lighting and display, circuit breakers, and combustion technologies.  We also provides training and support for the use of our software products by customers.

Our modeling and simulation tools are targeted towards very high fidelity and robust simulations of actual industrial equipment and processes.  Consequently, we pay great attention towards building all essential physics and chemistry representation into our simulation tools to provide accuracy of simulation and ease of use of the simulators.  Based on numerous customers benchmarks we can proudly claim that our software products are the best-in-class in their respective domains.

Esgee Technologies engages in consulting services that utilize our specialized domain expertise in plasmas, reactive flows, rarefied flows, gas-phase and surface chemistry mechanism development.  We work with leading industrial customers worldwide to help analyze, understand, and design complex and novel equipment, devices, and processes.  Industrial segments we serve include semiconductor equipment manufacturers, semiconductor chip manufacturers, solar cell manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, energy companies, and other high-technology product manufacturers.